I have had the great displeasure of purchasing two cats from Rhonda at Texas Rexes. Not only did both of my cats test positive for worms (when first bringing them home) they both have little to NO curl in their coats.

She says they offer a health guarantee but it is not in writing. They over breed all of their cats and are just looking to turn a profit. It is sad that this breed of cat is already going down this path. Skip texas rexes and rexes r us.

The lady who is now breeding the rexes r us cats used to breed together. Look else where for a healthy cat!

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Grapevine, Texas, United States #1305715

Maybe my opinion doesn't count as much because I haven't yet gotten a cat from Texas Rexes. However, I went to my first cat show the other day, and met Rhonda and the two Cornish kittens she had brought.

I believe both placed well, and they were amazingly sweet and loving. We talked about her price (which is indeed INCREDIBLY reasonable), and the fact that she doesn't charge much because she does this for the promotion of the breed. Both kittens had lovely fur. (My only surprise at meeting them was that my research didn't show me how TINY Cornish Rexes are!) She was extremely kind to me, even though I explained to her that it will be a couple of years before I'll be able to get a kitten from her (or anyone else).

As for the breeder vs.

rescue war, I realize it's very bitter, but it's also very complicated. Every animal I have EVER had has been a rescue (and that is a lot of animals, through the years), and though I had planned a few years ago to get a particular breed of dog, I ended up getting another rescue instead. So I understand the importance of rescuing abandoned or otherwise unwanted animals. On the other hand, reputable breeders are NOT in it for the money; they are in it because they value the preservation of whichever breed they devote themselves to.

And THAT IS THE ARGUMENT - whether to support the preservation of the breed or to go with a rescue that needs a home. There are many, many strong opinions on both sides. The thing that really irritates me, though, is someone labeling someone's breeding program a "puppy mill" or "kitty mill," simply because they disagree with the idea of breeders, period. It is UNFAIR to label ANY breeder this way without doing your research, when your problem is with breeding purebreds instead of going the way of rescue animals.

Just because someone is doing something you don't like doesn't mean they aren't doing it the right way. These accusations don't help the rescue-animal cause; they simply hurt people who ARE reputable breeders and not "low lifes".

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1243401

I adopted a cat from a local animal shelter that I suspect has a lung fungus and even though she is not showing symtoms of the fungus, she can shed it in her ***...my Cornish Rex just died from a lung fungus that I suspect he contacted from this rescue. NO MORE RESCUES!!!!

My rescue dog died of cancer!!! I will go to cat breeders to pick out my next companion; not Rhonda, of TexasRexas, my vet told me to stay away from her.


so what if the curls arnt as curly as breed standard. adopt a cat and give it a good home.

just love the little darlings or pay the high price and get yourself a show quality cat, if looks are really that important to you :( we adopted 8 Cornish Rex cats from animal shelter at shelter price, very affectionate . two of our adopted CORNISH Rex cats are deaf, and one REX ONLY HAS ONE EYE.



It is people like you that keep these catteries and dog breeders in business. If you would go to the rescues or shelters to get pets, these people would have to stop.

So getting mad because they do not have "curly hair" seems absolutely ridiculous! I blame people like you for these low lives in business.


Agree with the above poster. We too had a bad experience with Texas Rexes.

It's sad to see this majestic, unique breed taking a downward spiral in the hands of these "Kitty Mill" operations. .

Similarly, we also had a friend who purchased from Rexes R Us and encountered a multitude of health issues with their kitten. Devastating to see a family fall head over heels in love with a new family pet only to be confronted with serious and expensive health issues.


Hmmmmm....I have a beautiful, happy, healthy girl I got from Texas Rexes last year .... Her cats are not overbred ...

They are well cared for and lovingly socialized. I would not hesitatè to get a kitten from her ....and am getting another!

to Nancy #1548022

Agree. We have a beautiful Rex from Rhonda.

The coolest cat I have ever seem. Awesome personality.

Loves the dog and the grandkids. I will go to Rhonda first when the dog passes and the kitty needs a playmate.


We have gotten two adult cats from her and both have heart issues

to Luvmerexes Topeka, Kansas, United States #861185

I also have a cat from texasrexes,got him back home to kansas and found he had a heart murmur,later found out he also has an enlarged heart,we now have to give him atenolol and another medication twice a day.His condition is not getting better.Are cat to has very little curl to his hair,we have had a rex in the past we got in phx az,no health problems lived to be 21yrs and had that distinct curl to his coat.I would not recommend texasrexes!

to Luvmerexes #1165066

heart murmurs seem to be quite common with the Cornish Rex breed, just ask a VET. or read online CORNISH REX HEALTH.

I got my Cornish Rex cats from local animal shelter 4 out of my 8 have heart murmur grade 2 and grade 4. my VET TOLD ME HEART MURMUR is Common WITH THE Cornish REX BREED.


I also purchased a kitten from Texasrexes. Although she is a very sweet cat she is almost as naked as a Sphinx cat.

In other words, she does not have a curly coat or much hair at all. I can't recommend this cattery.


I have purchased two of the most wonderful Rexes from Rhonda. I love these little animals and one is trying to help type this right now.

My two males really love each other. They were well socialized from the very beginning. Rhonda is meticulous in keeping her house clean and that is where she raises the kittens. The breeding male is kept in an specially built house in the back yard and she keeps it clean as possible considering that you have an intact male cat that lives in it.

I visited Rhonda many times before I purchased and after purchasing as I wanted to watch my little ones grow up enough to be able to come home. Rhonda was always helpful and welcomed us at her home. All I can say is the complaint that has been made is an unusual circumstance.

You will have a good experience with TexasRexes and you will love the Cornish Rex breed. I highly recommend Rhonda and TexasRexes.


I dont usuallu write reviews but after reading a few negative comments, i decided to give my two cents. We purchased a female kitten about 2 and a half months ago from Rhonda with Texas Rexes.

We have never been around the Rex cats and after much research decided to go foward with purchasing one. Our female is very social and has a great personality. Her curls have come in very nicely and her ears and head have the perfect Cornish look. She loves everyone she meets, including the dogs.

The interaction we have had with Rhonda has been a very pleasant one. She's answered our questions, knowing we were Rex noobies, and has been nothing but helpful. We have decided to purchase another kitten from her in two weeks. We wouldnt purchase from anyone else and refer anyone who asks to Texas Rexes.

She loves these cats and it shows with the frequent pictures she sends weekly and all of the information she gives us. Her price is extremely reasonable considering the other breeders charge 1000k plus.

I highly recommend Tx Rexes to anyone looking to get a Cornish Rex. I'm willing to give pics to anyone interested of our beautiful tori girl.

Odessa, Texas, United States #697224

I purchased my Cornish Rex from Rhonda a little over a year ago. My kitten tested normal for everything.

He is a very social, loving cat whom never meets a stranger. I can clip his nails, bathe him and he never put up a fight from the get go. I believe it was because she was an active care taker very early on with him. She sent me weekly pictures of him and updates.

She also answered all my questions.

I have nothing but great things to say about TexasRexes and would love to do business again. :grin


Hi, we purchased a cat with Texas Rexes, and honestly Rhonda was difficult to deal with. Sweet cat though.

Just thought the comments seemed too glowing given my own interaction with the business. I believe consumers should be able to know what they are getting into.

Austin, Texas, United States #597258

Rhonda still answers my emails to this day if I have any questions or concerns about my extremely well socialized cat I purchased from her a year and a half ago. That is not the action of someone who is looking to just turn a profit, because I made it clear I was only purchasing one cat.

Animal breeders almost never make money anyway, they usually do it for the love of an specific breed, and Rhonda does not run a kitten mill. I can clip my cat's toenails and he is a year and a half old, this is a sign of a cat that was not only socialized properly but was exposed to people early on and has only positive interactions with them since he trust people so intrinsically.

If the only reason you purchased a cat was so it would have curls and you are demanding your money back because their curls are not developing properly...

I pity your cats. Perhaps spend your money on a Louis Vuitton bag next time Cruella de Ville.

Liberal, Missouri, United States #587688

I purchased a kitten from Rhonda in October and picked him up on Christmas Eve. He is beautiful and healthy.

Rhonda was very helpful and I couldn't ask for better assistance. She sent weekly pictures and met me at the airport to help me pick him up. I couldn't have asked for any better person to get a kitten from.

She was great all the way. Thanks Rhonda


I purchased a beautiful Cornish Rex from texas rexes and I got her from Paula, when she was still part of the cattery. My little Lucy is perfect and all the kittens are great.

I think you need to stop bad mouthing both of the catteries because all these women love the kittens and they are well socialized. Maybe you need to get a hobby instead of blogging about how unsatisfied you are.


I purchased a beautiful Cornish Rex from texas rexes and I got her from Paula, when she was still part of the cattery. My little Lucy is perfect and all the kittens are great.

I think you need to stop bad mouthing both of the catteries because all these women love the kittens and they are well socialized. Maybe you need to get a hobby instead of blogging about how unsatisfied you are.


I have gotten 2 babies from Nancy. I LOOOOVVVEEE my boys and they are such a pleasure.

Everything was always clean and my vet was very pleased with their health!!

I have since sent friends to purchase from Nancy and they love their babies too!!! :zzz

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